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Vintage Circus Gala pt. 2

Once the guests were ushered into "The Big Top" they were warmly welcomed by our Ringmaster and emcee, Lindsey from the award winning, Artisan Oddities. She set the stage for what to expect throughout the evening from the three ring circus, to moving stories from the shelter, to the live auction.

The guests were entertained twice by the three-ring circus. There were high-flying trapeze artists, juggling, a strong woman, contortionists, acrobats and more.

The live auction was lead by the Heath Hale and his Cowboy Auctioneers. They were able to raise more that year for the Austin Children's Shelter than had ever been raised in the past.

The guests were encouraged to dress to the vintage theme and most did!

Everything matched the circus theme and no stone was left unturned all the way to the carmel popcorn dessert

The Flying Wunderkinds and their Amazing Feats of Giving grossed $1,000,000! So, needless to say that the afterparty with Dysfunkshun Junkshun was FANTASTIC!


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