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Turning 3 During Quarantine

Well, Moxxie Concepts turned the Big 3 Years Old last week! 🥳

**time is a blur during quarantine and we missed celebrating, oops

Since this business was “birthed” from our owner Meghan, and it has been her “child”; it sounded fun to look up some facts about the development of 3 yr. olds.

According to Stanford Children’s Health here are some enlightening facts about toddlers that totally aligns with Moxxie Concepts.

Children (businesses) may progress at different rates, but these are some of the common milestones your child (Moxxie) may reach in this age group:

- Understands size differences such as big and little

✅ not all clients and proposals (read: paychecks) are the same

- Understands past tense (yesterday)

✅ deadlines matter and shouldn’t be missed

- Understands long sentences

✅ clients asking for meetings when it could have been an email

- Uses pronouns correctly such as, I, you, he, and me

✅ to pull off an event, it takes a team so the pronoun that is used the most around Moxxie is “we”

- Asks "why" constantly

✅ Absolutey. We constantly assess why something is or was done a certain way and see if we can improve the process

- Says full name and age

✅ we are Moxxie Concepts and proud to be where we are in three years

- May have fears of certain things. For example, the dark, monster under bed, and going down the drain

✅ So accurate! So many fears, especially going down the drain (figuratively).

Then... COVID-19 happened and tried to make that fear a reality 🙄 but we will be even stronger after this (just maybe lighter in the bank account for a bit)

- Attempts to solve problems

✅ Every. single. day. we are thinking through every scenario and “what-if” for your event to solve the problems before they even happen

- Remembers certain events

✅ We remember every event and take notes to be sure to improve the next one

- Can point to the correct picture when asked a simple question about it

✅ Trade “picture” for “vendor” then Yes! We’ve got you. Our owner and the village behind her has worked so hard to make the right connections across DFW to be sure that you have the perfect team of vendors supporting your event and getting you to your goal


There is a whole section about a 3 year old’s physiological achievements that were funny to compare during this time of quarantine:

- Runs and jumps easily

✅ depends on the day

- Washes and dries hands

✅ multiple times per day

- Uses spoon well and feeds self

✅ probably way too much right now

- Dresses and undresses self except for buttons and laces

✅ no need, with working from home and events on hold

- Can concentrate on tasks for 8 or 9 minutes

✅ make that hours... of Netflix

- May sleep 11 to 13 hours total, may still take a short afternoon nap

✅ Daily.

- Vision is nearing 20/20

✅ it was and it still is... Moxxie Concepts was finding her groove and had multiple contractors and a part-time employee with meetings and projects galore until this Corona Virus. So, the 20/20 Vision has been shaken up a bit.

Venue: The Ostreum, Balloons: Affairs Afloat Balloons

For the TLDR: Moxxie Concepts is a healthy 3 year old, developing at just the right pace, and we look forward to reporting back on Moxxie’s 4th Birthday because this virus will not infect and take down this 3 yr old! 💪🏼


Moxxie Concepts is a Texas-based event management and consulting agency. Our eXperience eXperts offer a high-level, customized consulting service that advances an event concept to completion, while focusing on achieving the event goal(s) throughout the detailed planning process.

By partnering with Moxxie Concepts you will get out of the planning weeds and be able to focus on the event elements that require your attention; whether that be your guests, your donors, your clients, the media, the VIP attendees, etc... you name it, because you will have time for it.

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