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Moxxie Concepts Event Management and Consulting is here to meet your event planning needs, no matter where you are in the process. Our eXperience eXperts work hard ensure that you and your guests have an excellent experience. You can let us take the reins and handle every detail or invite us to step-in only when and where you need us, either the day-of the event, or somewhere in the middle. Whatever the amount of help you need... leave it to us!

Moxxie Services

Maximum Moxxie

Starting at $6,000

You know the “who” and “what,” but you need Moxxie Concepts to manage the “how,” “when” and “where,” PLUS every tiny detail in-between. You value partnering with professionals who can smoothly manage your event from start to finish. Rest assured that you and your event will get the Maximum Moxxie. Our team will walk you through the entire process to make your event the very best it can be.

Perfect Partnership

Starting at $4,000

You know how to kick-off a great event, but don’t want to navigate the twists, turns and challenges that often come with it by yourself. You don’t want to “go it” alone. At Moxxie, we are ready and willing to jump in at whatever point, to help you successfully complete your planning and execute the event of your dreams. Go ahead and shift the heavy lifting into our capable hands!

The Big Day

Starting at $2,500

It’s your big day. You’ve given it your all, completed everything “up & until.” Now you want to kick-back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The eXperience eXperts will step-in on your big day and take care of everything so you don’t have to lift another finger. We’ve got this. Let us take it from here…

Moxxie Expertise

Starting at $100 per hour

We welcome you to schedule a meeting with an eXperience eXpert, to pick their brain about “all things events”, either in-person or through a phone consultation. Consulting with the Moxxie experts by-the-hour is for you if: you don’t mind doing all of the work, but need guidance and direction to get started; you’re willing to do most of the work, but prefer to leave a few things to the professionals or if you simply need our help with developing your day-of timeline.

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