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Moxxie vs. Moxie

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Everyone under the sun has been asking, "Why Moxxie Concepts?" or "What is Moxie?" or

saying things like "Moxxie Concepts.... that's an interesting company name." Well, I'm here to shine some light on my "why".

It starts with Google (as all great stories do). I had been noodling on a business name for a while and nothing was standing out, so naturally, I sat down with a friend, two laptops and we turned to Google.

Here's what I knew:

- I wanted my brand to be different from others in the industry

- I wanted my brand to stand out

- I wanted my brand to be memorable

- I wanted my brand to be a representation of me

- I wanted my brand to last over time

With those pieces of the puzzle in place, we went to work. It was about one hour in, when we came across the word "moxie". She said that is SO YOU! Now, let's be honest, I didn't know what it meant. I have heard people use the word moxie to describe me in the past, but each time, I simply smiled and nodded as if I knew the meaning.

Merriam-Webster defines moxie (\ˈmäk-sē\) as:

1. Energy, pep

2. Courage, determination

3. Know-how

English Oxford Dictionary defines moxie as:

1. Force of character, determination, or nerve

Due to a company in another state already being named Moxie Events, we decided to change it up a bit by adding an extra "x" since we are all about the eXperience and going the eXtra mile for you. Also, decided to use the word Concepts instead of events. An event first starts out as a concept before it becomes an event, and Moxxie Concepts is there to help you no matter what part of the process you are in.

And boom! That was it, Moxxie Concepts was born. All of those definitions were an exact fit for what I wanted my business to be; what I wanted every staff member involved in Moxxie to embody; what I want every client to expect when they book with us and what we want every guest to experience at an event done by Moxxie Concepts.

After the light-bulb came on with the name. We needed to establish the logo / look & feel of the brand. Without hesitation I reached out to the best-of-the-best, our very own Courtney Nied. You can read more about her on our team page. We chatted through some ideas, she ran with it and came back with an even better brand than I could have hoped for! We went with somewhat of a steampunk feel.

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